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About Us

I started Jennifer’s Driving School in 2007. While training to be a driving instructor I worked as a support worker / key worker, caring for elderly people and people with learning difficulties. I very much enjoyed that job and still help out some of my old clients today.

The skills I learnt as a carer were very helpful when I passed all of my qualifying exams and became a driving instructor. You certainly need empathy, kindness and a ‘likeability factor’ to be a successful and popular instructor!

At first I was nervous, I felt guilty that I although I was trained and had passed my exams with flying colours, I didn’t have much experience. I used to do lessons practically free! But my confidence soon grew as I got great results and it was a wonderful feeling when I began to see my students pass their tests first time with just a few minor faults (some none at all!) and go on to become safe and confident drivers. I still see my old pupils from years ago driving along and giving me a wave! Many have become friends. I often get friends and family of old pupils contact me asking for lessons.

I lived in Ringwood at the time and found I was getting so many recommendations that I was getting rather booked up. I was having to turn people away as I didn’t have the time to fit everyone in. It was then that I realised I could possibly take on another instructor who could help me out with the pupils that I couldn’t fit in. Funnily enough, around that time I was contacted by an instructor who was moving to the area and asked if I had any work available. I anxiously met up with him, still a bit wary about having someone else representing my name.

I remembered when I Iearnt to drive, I went with a big national driving school. The first instructor I had was quite aggressive in his manner, tutting and mumbling under his breath. I was very anxious before and after each lesson! Then I asked to change and was given an instructor who was very quiet, he just directed me where to go each lesson and didn’t really say anything else, I had no feedback positive or negative and had no idea if I was doing things correctly. I really didn’t want people like that representing me!

Luckily Steve was lovely and a real natural, I just knew that he’d make pupils feel at ease like I tried to and be friendly and patient with them, just like I promoted about myself. He worked for me for about 5 years until recently moving up north where he is still happily teaching.

I like to think I am a good judge of character and over the years have had a few instructors wanting to work for me who were, shall we say, although probably great instructors, not quite up to my standards in terms of having good people skills! So I let them go and work for other schools whilst I maintained my good reputation by only considering kind, honest and good-hearted instructors who wouldn’t let not only their pupils down but also me and my reputation.

I only keep a small team of 5 instructors, even though I do get contacted by others frequently who are looking for work. I am very happy with all of my instructors and if I took someone else on it would be someone very carefully chosen. I’m not greedy and I always put my reputation as a good driving school before making money. I also like to make sure I have enough work for my instructors, after all they have bills to pay so there’s no use in me taking on more and more instructors but not having enough work to go round (like some other schools which I won’t mention seem to do!).

At the moment I have Nick, a hilarious guy from The Isle of Wight who is always up for a laugh and will have you smiling all the way through your lessons. You won’t even notice you’re learning! Then there’s Jonathan; all I ever hear about him is ‘he’s so lovely’. He has a lot of happy passes with zero or 1 or 2 minor faults. Tracey does my automatic lessons and apart from being an instructor, she is also a trained hypnotherapist / life coach. She has all sorts of techniques to help nervous pupils, you won’t even know she’s using them on you! Tony is a fab guy and has a lot of experience as he qualified as an instructor in the 80s. He is very easy to get along with and puts nervous pupils at ease. He recently had 6 first time passes in a row! Dave is a fun and friendly instructor who has a lot of experience and really enjoys his job. The other lady I have working for me is a lovely lady called Sally who recently moved down to sunny Bournemouth. She is very nice - just the sort of person that I would like teaching me if I was learning again. Friendly, warm and a real natural. Tom is very professional and friendly and lives over Hamworthy way so cover those areas as well as Bournemouth and Poole. Rob teaches automatic as well and covers Ringwood areas, he also manages a centre for adults with learning difficulties, and Noel is a high grade friendly instructor covering New Milton and Christchurch. You can see photos and learn more about all of my current instructors on the Meet The Team page.

So that’s my story! I really enjoy teaching and running the driving school. I have great reviews from ex-pupils and pupils who get consistently low  or zero minor faults which is just brilliant. All of my team are not only professional instructors but nice people as well! They all have high pass rates and are all fully qualified (I don’t have any trainees).

Thanks for reading (if you’re not asleep by now!),


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Driving instructor Bournemouth

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