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Driving test pass in Bournemouth

Join the thousands of  happy faces and pass your test with us!!

Value for money, friendly lessons!
100% Driving Standards Agency Approved & experienced Driving Instructors!

“Just a quick email to say thanks so much for helping me pass, I learnt so quickly compared to my last instructor! I wish I had come to your first. I enjoyed my lessons and saved a fortune!”
Tanya, Bournemouth. SEE ALL REVIEWS!

“The local driving school that you can trust!”

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Why you can trust myself and my team with your driving lessons!

We provide value for money by avoiding the silly gimmicks that usually work out more expensive in the long run and mean your lessons get dragged out. We simply provide quality tuition which allows you to progress quickly towards your test. We can provide you with intensive lessons if you want to really get through your test fast!

We are all good with nervous pupils, in fact all of my instructors are young, friendly and laid back. We are not like the stereotypical grumpy old man driving instructor!! All of my instructors are fully qualified and I do not have any trainee instructors unlike other schools! (Trainees have pink badges instead of green in their windscreen).

We are also all from the local area and have gotten thousands of happy people through their driving tests successfully and know the driving test routes in Bournemouth inside out. This is a definite advantage when it comes to preparing you for your driving test.

If you are having problems remembering the order in which to do things, our instructors can teach you easy to remember acronyms to help you recall. There are many techniques we can use to help you remember what to do and when to do it!

Why should my child learn with you?

Are you trying to find the correct driving instructor for your child?

It’s not just about learning to drive - it’s an education. Teaching a pupil the mechanics of driving is one thing, but it is vital to educate the pupil about many other things, including: eco-friendly driving, economical driving, road statistics among young people, and to teach them ‘safe driving for life’, not just how to get through their test.

It is more likely that a pupil will listen to someone they regard as a peer rather than an ‘older’ teacher figure. We do not speak down to the pupil but communicate on the same level as them, thus winning their respect. This way it is easier to convey correct attitudes regarding driving safely rather than recklessly, and help them to see driving as a pleasant and independent way to get from A to B ... rather than as a possible motor-racing career!

It really helps a learner’s progress if they get private practice between lessons. The DSA reccomend this and their statistics show that the average learner who passes their test has had at least 22 hours of private practice. Below is a link to an insurance company which allows a learner to be insured on someone else’s car without it affecting the car owner’s insurance.
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